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Serhii Radzetskyi (bass)

- New features of the bass guitar
- Music from Baroque to modern music
- Virtuoso style of playing
- Original music and famous hits

Versatile technique and exclusive style demonstrate that you can perform any music on the bass guitar, independently. I am a laureate of international competitions and festivals. I have a solo program in which I perform virtuosic fantasies to the music of different centuries and genres. Works from Baroque and Chopin to the Beatles and my original songs!

"It is incredible what Serhii Radzetskyi does with the instrument. From the treatment of a 16th century piece to the experimental realization of the Beatles' works. It is extremely avant-garde and at the same time incredibly exciting. This is what reaches the listener's feet, legs, stomach. The way a Ukrainian's hands move is impressive. How easily he pulls out high notes from the bass guitar, plays melody and rhythm on this instrument at the same time" (с)
Beate Baum (Dresden 2022)

Positive reviews from promoters, journalists and the public give confidence and desire to present your art on stage

"Imagine, here we turn on the recording of the air at the same time - and we are greeted by all the best in guitar school:
Radzetskyi - bass guitar. Are you waiting for fast rhythms and cool grooves? You will get them! However, Serhiy Radzetskyi's music
rather, it is like a meditation, it is like the walk of a traveler who contemplates the starry sky" (с)
Vika Fedoryna. Kyivdaily (Kyiv) 2021

Detailed information and videos on my YouTube page

Collaborated with musicians such as "KING CRIMSON" (Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Marcus Reuter), Phil Minton, Steve Hackett ("Genesis"), Fred Lonberg-Holm, Ed Mann and Danny Wally (Frank Zappa Band), Dan McCafferty ("Nazareth"), Phil Manzanera ("Pink Floyd"), Ian Jump ("The Muffin Men"), John Lawton ("Uriah Heep"), Graham Bonnet ("Alkatrazz"), "Bang on a can All-Stars" and others.

Instagram @radzbassist


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